Who we are

The CyberDataLab (Cybersecurity and Data Science Lab) encompasses a group of skilled and motivated scientists and researchers with a strong commitment for quality research and developments around the two main topics of the lab: cybersecurity and data science. It is worth mentioning the value created in the intersection of both fields, with a strong projection onto international R&D programs such as Horizon Europe, European Defence Agency R&T or National Science Foundation, amongst others.

What we do

We are a multidisciplinary team based at the University of Murcia (UMU) taking experts from different research groups of the Faculty of Computer Science, as well as top international collaborators. This allows us to work across different research challenges and  developments related to cybersecurity and data science applied in contexts and research lines so diverse as Beyond 5G, Cyberdefense, eHealth, Tecnology-enhanced Technologies, or Industry 4.0.

Our values

Among the core values that distinguish people in our lab we have: (research) believing in science and research as a way to improve the world we live in; (transference) creating new opportunities and higher impact to society as well as companies we work with; (openness) and being transparent, open and ethical with the work we do.

Funding sources

Our funding is obtained through both public and competitive calls and directly funded R&D contracts and chairs running at regional, national and international levels. This allows the exchange of novel ideas and co-creation of highly impact R&D solutions and products with the collaboration of top research institutions and worldwide recognised companies working hand-by-hand with us in these research projects and contracts.

Products overview

As a result of all these R&D works and collaborations, different products are obtained in the four following directions and covering TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) 1 to 7:

Contact Us

If you are interested to collaborate or know more about our R&D experience in the cybersecurity and data science fields, please contact us.