01/11/2019 – 30/04/2022 (active)

Funding Entity

European Commission

5GZORRO – Zero-Touch Security and Trust for Ubiquitous Computing and Connectivity in 5G Networks

(Brief) Description: Current evolution of 5G technology falls short of requirements for performances and functions envisaged. The EU-funded 5GZORRO project seeks to break this impasse through automated end-to-end network management across multiple operators and providers sharing diverse resources (spectrum, virtualised radio access, virtualised edge/core).

The aim is to provide production-level support for distinct software applications within a shared network infrastructure. Artificial intelligence will be deployed to minimise manual intervention, while distributed ledger technologies will enable optimised security and trust systems. These features permit the leveraging of the 5G potential with automated secure network management services for multiple parties.

5GZORRO research has been validated through three case studies. Project partners include key stakeholders from top 5G industry actors across seven EU countries.